March 31, 2009

Enjoying The View

Being spanked is a thoroughly unpleasant experience and it is supposed to be this way. I know some might argue about romantic spankings and willing recipients and probably a few more things I can't think of right now, but I'm not really speaking about sexualized spanking which I believe I can safely say encompasses any kind of spanking which might be interpreted as an enjoyable experience. What I am speaking of is punishment, pure and simple and it is not something which can readily be confused with a fun experience, at least for the person receiving.

No, for the person getting their backside reddened and smacked, it is a somber experience only made more traumatic by witnesses. We know this, each and everyone of us, and yet we do not often sympathize with the unfortunate one or even look away. In truth our reaction to seeing a spanking is quite the opposite. We are intrigued. Who isn't captivated by the sight of a naked bottom bouncing around under the loud spanks of her disciplinarian? Who doesn't smile as that same bottom turns pink and then red, all the while wriggling to escape those same inevitable spanks?

Should we feel guilty for enjoying the sight? Should we avert our eyes because we know the shame of being on the other side?


But, we don't.

Instead, we stare and smile and sometimes we even laugh and all at the expense of another. It sounds so cruel, but I've been on both sides and I think it is all just part of the experience, part of the punishment.

So you don't want people to see your bare bottom?


You don't want people to laugh at your desperate antics to ease the burning pain?


It's that simple. Behave or be spanked embarrassingly and humiliatingly, like the bad girl you were.

If you choose to break rules, you choose to be spanked and you choose to be entertainment for anyone lucky enough to watch. I accept this for myself and therefore I get to enjoy the experience when I am fortunate enough to be an observer instead of a recipient. I don't feel guilty about it because I've been on both sides and I know when I'm an observer I'm helping someone learn a lesson. Enjoying the experience does not diminish the role played by the observer, if anything it enhances it.

The real question I want to explore here isn't the ethics or morality of enjoying someone else's discomfort, but rather the reason why I can enjoy viewing an experience which I would otherwise loathe. If you can answer that question, I'd love to hear what you have to say. For myself, I don't really know the answer but I have some ideas.

I think maybe part of why I enjoy it is because it is not me getting my bottom spanked. There is a sense of satisfaction in knowing that someone else can screw up and get their panties taken down as a result of it. The fact that it hurts and is embarrassing to them only accentuates the comforting knowledge that I am not alone in my reactions to being spanked. There is a "duh" quality to this answer I realize but being obvious doesn't make it wrong.

Of course there is also the possibility I am vindictive. I could enjoy watching because I think or know they have or will enjoy seeing the same happen to me. It is true that when I observe someone else's spanking there is always a whisper in the back of my mind reminding me that it could just as easily be my butt turning red and that in fact it has been mine on many occasions. I think that is why I often blush at that moment when clothing is lowered or removed and again when she returns to her feet and dances shamelessly about, trying to ease the all consuming burning in her bottom without breaking the cardinal rule of rubbing. I know that I could as easily be watching myself and while it is amusing to watch, it is embarrassing to remember myself doing the same. It might well be that very embarrassment and knowledge that the one being spanked has seen my own which allows me the freedom to enjoy their embarrassment.

Then there is the chance I simply enjoy it because it is enjoyable. Enjoying the embarrassment of other people might well be a basic part of the human persona. If one exams the earliest form of entertainment in human history it often involved the humiliation of others. I know there are plenty of scholars who would disagree but if you follow my logic here I think my point is worth considering. From dancing to theater these forms of entertainment have a basis in doing things which attract attention to an individual or individuals. Whenever one draws attention to themselves in a flagrant manner in public it can be thought of as embarrassing or humiliating. You might argue that some people enjoy this attention but I don't think it negates the idea we might be naturally inclined to enjoy the embarrassment or humiliation of another.

Any other ideas or thoughts on mine?


  1. Personally I think enjoying the embarrassment or humiliation of others is a basic human tendency. Whether it is something nature intended or a product of the way society raises us I can't say for sure. Many people feel this and suppress it as an inappropriate emotion. I wouldn't consider it to be wrong at all though. I comment here about the enjoyment that can come from witnessing an absolute stranger spanked. There are other emotions which may come into play between people who know eachother. Revenge for example is something to savor, but by no means is it a requirement of enjoying the sight of a spanking.

    Empathy allows us to understand and relate to how other people are feeling. If you see a person fall down and injure himself it would be a common reaction to wince. We imagine what it might feel like if it happened to ourselves. The consequences of the injury are clearly understood. Hospital visits, infections, unbearable pain, and possibly months of recovery could be involved. It isn't a pleasant thing to think about, yet for some reason humans feel the need to witness these "train wrecks".

    A spanking on the other hand is something most people won't recognize as a danger. We know the situation will be a controlled one. Although there will likely be an immense amount of pain and embarrassment imparted during the process, the person being spanked will undoubtedly be alright at the end. There are of course exceptions to this. Opponents of spanking will greatly exaggerate the dangers of spanking within their own minds.

    Despite how much she may dread the upcoming spanking she has no way to stop it. This strong emotion is one we pick up on through empathy. We can feel some of that anticipation while knowing that we won't experience any of the pain and humiliation that comes as a result of it. Maybe something biological is happening here. Endorphins releasing perhaps?

    Beyond those strong feelings we get from empathy, we experience a sense of satisfaction knowing that the spanking will bring the girl down a peg or two. Again this is not something she has any control over and we relish that fact. Despite how safe a spanking may be the effect it has is powerful. Even after it's over she will often contribute to her own shame by dancing due to the overwhelming heat imparted to her backside. However the fact that she isn't rubbing despite the fierce burning is a clear indicator of her willingness to obey. Seeing this dance is proof that the girl's will has been completely eclipsed by that of her spanker, at least for the moment.

    There are of course other factors too. The appreciation of the naked female form is worth mentioning. Bottom or breasts bouncing, legs kicking, and the exposure of areas that are usually private. No matter if you're a man or a woman, this a treat to view. A girl's modesty is usually of little concern during a spanking. This contributes to the good mood of witnesses, by allowing them to feel lucky to have been present at the time of the punishment.

    Spankings are usually ritualized. After all, humans have been punished this way for hundreds of years. A spanking is a spectacle no different from a classic play or movie. We know in general terms how the stage should be set and what the script should contain. Like any good retelling of a famous story, we find comfort in it because it is familiar to us.

  2. I don't have much to add to that. As a girl, I mostly didn't mind seeing another girl get spanked. I Really liked it if I didn't like her or she'd done something to me.

    As a girl, and adult, seeing someone else spanked, I often think if that is what I look like,and sound like, when I catch it.

  3. “Behave”. Yes, indeed. But you and I know this injunction will fall on deaf ears. Girls misbehave. Punishments will be called for, and parents and guardians are faced with a problem. Culprits your age are beyond hand spankings (as you note yourself). More severity is required, but how harsh when a girl’s skin is so delicate? Paddlings and whippings must hurt, not harm. That’s when a bit of embarrassment needs adding to the purely corporal exercise. Your family is right, in my opinion, in making all punishments a public affair.

    As you’ve experienced, the presence of witnesses humbles the cheekiest, most uppity rebellious young lady. The positive effect is not felt during the correction itself – fire in the bottom crowds out all other considerations – but in the hours after. Lying on her belly, the well-chastised girl replays in her head the scene that has caused such a scalding bottom and measures the extent of her embarrassment. Oh, the eyeful they got when she lowered her panties; and, gasp, when she bent over; and how her legs were soon kicking uncontrollably; and the very undignified jouncing and waggling, with hands beating the air rather than resting as fig leaves.

    She dreads the morning when she faces all of them, the twinkle in their eyes, the less than innocent question “had a good sleep?”, the smirk when she sits herself gingerly on a hard chair. She knows they love her as she loves them; at this very moment however she could snip their eyelashes with a kitchen knife.

    Later on, their warmth will dissipate negative feelings. But when she is about to get in trouble again a pointed remark will remind her (causing blushes) that her bottom could be exposed again. Will she behave then? Not so sure.

    Be a good girl, at least not too bad