March 10, 2009

More About Me

Continuing the Q&A here to hopefully cover the basics.

Do I have any brothers or sisters?
  • The short answer is yes, 2 older brothers. The long answer is of course more complicated because what in life is actually simple? That's rhetorical in case you were wondering.  My 2 brothers are 34 and 30 years old, meaning I have about as much of a sibling relationship with them as I do with my parents. In plain English I'm saying they are more like parents or uncles than brothers to me because there is a rather large age gap. However, the do have kids who are closer in age to me than they are. The older one has two daughters, age 15 and 13 and the other has a son, 10. Technically I am their aunt but I've grown up more as a sibling to them because they are always around.
  • My 30 year old brother and his son live with me and my parents and have for nearly as long as I can remember.  He is pretty much always on the same page as our parents and it's mostly like having two fathers in the house. 
  • When I was little my 34 year old brother lived with us too along with his wife and two daughters. They moved out around the time I was 10 or 11 but they didn't go far.  It's about a half mile to from my house to theirs.  So yeah, we see each other all the time and the girls still have bedrooms in the house here which they use a lot in the summer. 
So what's the deal with spanking?
  • You might say my parents are a bit old fashioned. I'd say they are bit old. Maybe that's the same thing. Then again, maybe it isn't. What I do know is they are of the opinion a spanking can be a good thing when I've gone and done a bad thing. Imagine that!
  • Now before someone goes off on a rant, spanking is far from the only possible consequence, but let's agree it is the most interesting. I mean really, getting grounded for two weeks is just plain boring and taking away my car keys just means someone else has to take me everywhere. I'd like to say a good talking to turns me right around but I'll be honest, when Mom or Dad talk I just don't listen.  Oh I nod and agree and say everything they want to hear but deep down I just know they are wrong and I am right. Hey, it could happen!
  • So yeah, when they've gotten frustrated enough, they decide on spanking. I've got mixed feelings about that. On the one it's quick and effective in getting their point across, on the other it's quite embarrassing and oh yeah, it happens to hurt.  I'm sure you didn't see that coming.  You see the really complicated part is while I dread it and try to avoid it as much as possible I also find that a part of me wants and needs it.  Go figure. I'd say I was deranged but a few quick web searches tells me I'm far from alone here.
Who does the spanking?
  • Mom and Dad both do it in about equal proportions.  Both of my brothers have also given me some spankings, but most of the time it's either Mom or Dad. 
What do they use?
  • Anything! Not really, there is of course their hand, but it's pretty rare for that to be the extent of it anymore. We have a few dedicated implements, a small variety of paddles ranging from the small to the very large. Most of the paddles are wood, oak I think, I'm not a wood expert so I could be wrong. We also have a lexan paddle and one that is leather.  My Dad has also been known to use his belt, especially if we are not at home and Mom has this over sized cooking spoon she'll use sometimes.  I believe "OUCH!" is the word you are looking for.
Where do I get spanked?
  • Wherever they decide to spank me, duh! For the most part it is either in the living room or my bedroom, but there are exceptions.  The circumstances matter because sometimes they feel it's appropriate for someone else to witness the spanking and sometimes they feel it's better being private. Obviously, given any say I would pick my bedroom, as if that would ever happen.
Is it always on the bare?
  • Amazingly no. Truthfully, it is on the bare more than it's not, but as I explained above, circumstances matter and I'll explain that better when I get around to talking about actual spankings I've had. A lot of it just comes down to the judgment of my parents and they aren't exactly unreasonable about most things, just some things. Like all parents, they think they know everything. When will they grow up?

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  1. Thank you, a most interesting read, and you have my sympathy for having two very much older brothers, have a feeling they took a Big interest in what you were doing. And not always in the way you want.

    Best of luck,