June 19, 2009

Back To My Blog

I know, I know, I’ve been away too long. The final few weeks of school were very time consuming and then other things got in the way too. Finally, I’m back at it though.

Last time I asked a question and I figure I owe you an answer to my viewpoint. Let me begin by thanking those who did post their thoughts. It’s really nice to not be talking to myself. Now to the question of whether spankings can be completely platonic or must have a sexual overtone;

It’s not simple by any means but I have to say I feel spankings can be totally platonic. The sexual side is something inserted by people who have certain feelings about spanking. I think a lot of people have some sexual energy that revolves around the spanking relationship because of its inherent properties of dominance and submission. This is why spanking is probably the most common sexually related game between adults. Still, the emotions between a parent spanking a child and those between a husband spanking a wife are not necessarily sexually driven. In the case where spanking is used to correct bad behavior I think the spanking can be utterly platonic without even the hint of sexual domination or submission being present. The key word here being “can” as I do believe that in some relationships the act of spanking is always sexually related.

My parents took off for Paris a few days ago which means I’m stuck at my oldest brother’s house. They’ll be gone for about a month and my other brother took his son on a vacation as well. I could have gone with but I didn’t feel like it. Hanging out with nothing to do and nowhere to go was just a lot more appealing to me. Seriously, I don’t know why I feel that way this year, but I do. Fortunately my brother and his family don’t mind having me around.

Amazingly I’ve managed to avoid any spankings for a little while now. Now what you’ll find really odd and disturbing is that I am a little sad about that. I’m sure it’s a good thing to be avoiding trouble and all that but sometimes it feels a little like nobody cares. Having that red backside all aglow and tingling while standing in corner waiting to escape to my room can be warmly reassuring at times and right now, as much as I’d hate it, that would feel pretty good too.