March 04, 2010

A Change of Attitude

Attitude is justified on some days. I don't really care if you don't agree. When shit happens that you don't have any control over, you should be allowed to let the frustration show. What is wrong with getting pissed off when nothing and I do mean ABSOLUTELY nothing, goes right? Some days life just sucks you know?

So yeah, I lost my job. No, I did not do anything to make it happen. I worked when I was supposed to work. Then I show up and the boss calls a meeting and hands out final paychecks to everyone. He has the nerve to tell us he's sorry and then go on to tell us we failed, maybe we did our best, but it wasn't good enough and he's lost everything because he gambled on us. I got one word for him, although my brother thinks I'm being unfair. LOSER!

Tell me how is it I failed? I took messages, greeted peeps at the door, made fresh coffee and generally did whatever was asked of me. But, I failed. I mean never mind that nothing I did was going to bring a single dollar into the company's account. Never mind that he spent more days playing golf, or maybe that was just playing with himself, than I worked. Never mind that everyone was always waiting on him. Never mind that he chose to blame me to his clients that dared complain about his slow response times. Never mind, obviously it was totally, utterly anyone and everyone else who dared to show up and try. Whatever.

Anyway enough about the LOSER and how he wrecked things.

It's just when things take a turn for the worse you have a right to complain a little, mope around a bit, act like a complete and utter bitch. The Constitution protect these right doesn't it? Apparently those rights only exist outside my parents home and ever then people don't have to be tolerant. It's just not fair.

Can you believe my dad actually said, "I'm sick of you moping around the house and if you don't straighten up by tomorrow morning I'll give you a real reason to mope."

Like I can turn my mood on and off like a light switch. As if! I wish it worked that way. Wouldn't life be great if we could just wake up every day and decide what we wanted to feel? It's March 4th I want to feel LUCKY today! And my dad says I don't deal with reality. LOL

Needless to say I didn't make it to breakfast the next morning. It wasn't my fault, but nobody cares where blame actually belongs these days. My nephew, the little shit I have to live with because my big brother can't manage to live on his own, decided to take an extra long shower and used up all the hot water. I didn't know. I just went in to take a shower.

You'd think ice cold water hitting your naked body would be enough to justify a little screaming. I certainly had a legitimate right to be upset, but apparently my attitude problem is why I chose to be upset. My attitude problem is also why I chose to yell at my nephew about wasting water and using up all the hot water and not even having the common decency to tell me before I was committed to showering. Obviously my attitude needed correction. I mean who would yell at kid for things like that? It's just not right, not fair and totally uncalled for, right? If you could hear me growling....

I'm sure my nephew felt much better after dad stripped my towel away and made me touch my toes. He probably healed from all my scathing words as dad striped my bare ass with his belt. I'm certain he felt justice was served while I stood in the corner, bare, spanked butt on display, while he and everyone else enjoyed their breakfast. I'm sure I'll learn my lesson by next Wednesday because dad says we'll do it all over again everyday between now and then.

Wow! See it must be working because look at that positive attitude I've suddenly developed.