March 17, 2009


If there was ever a more contrived rule to give spankings, I have been"fortunate" to avoid its existence. I mean really, be home by 11PM or your in trouble?!? For fuck's sake, on a Friday or Saturday night nothing worth going out for even starts before 11PM. I can honestly say I have never once missed my curfew time and felt like it wasn't worth every minute of it.  Maybe not at the exact moment of returning home to find Dad sitting in the dark waiting for my key to hit the lock, so he could send me to bed with the full knowledge I was in for a spanking come morning light, but later in retrospective, yes, it is always worth it. 

No, it's not because I like getting spanked. I should clarify that point right now before I forget about it. The actual act of getting a spanking, I have never found pleasant, but in contrast, the concept, the idea, the thought, the anticipation of being spanked is like chocolate covered strawberries served on a silver platter. You get the idea and if you don't, I don't draw it any better. 

With that in mind you can probably imagine the way I would spend those hours in bed waiting for the inevitable reality of morning to intrude.  Sleep was often the farthest thing from my mind, which begs the question, why? Not why was it the farthest thing from my mind, but why do parents do that? You know, tell you something "bad" is going to happen and then expect you to go to bed and sleep until it does.  Like anyone in their right mind could sleep knowing it would only bring them to disaster that much faster. Yes, I know time progresses at the same rate whether you are awake or sleeping, but that's just science, not reality. Reality is relativity and time, relatively speaking, slows to a crawl in the early morning hours when you are lying awake in bed. 

But the sun comes up and the birds chirp like it's going to be a good day and the cold air of night begins to warm to the new day and I sit and wait in bed like a good girl on Christmas morning only there are no presents waiting to reward me for my goodness. Yeah, I know if I was such a good girl why was I out passed curfew in the first place? I've got a better one for you, why is it I never had a curfew until I turned 15 and why do I still have one at 18? My parents have plenty of answers.  When I turned 15 and started dating they couldn't control where I was and who I would be with so they at least wanted to make sure I wasn't gone very long. 

How sweet! They worry about me hanging out with bad people and going to bad places.  Wait a second! Did they or did they not raise me to have good values? I think I know well enough who to stay away from and where I don't want to go, not to mention I always tell them where I am going because they won't let me leave the house if I don't. Does that mean they just assume I'm lying to them? Isn't that wrong, I mean after this many years shouldn't they have some trust and faith in me? Never mind I rarely tell them everything, where or place that I'm going cause that's just TMI and what they don't know, they can't rant about later.

Then of course there is my favorite excuse which dad uses.  I can get pregnant! Like that's news. Sure I can get pregnant, I think anyway,  I mean some people can't but I've got no reason to think I'm one of them. All that aside, I'm pretty sure I can pregnant at 1PM just as easily as at 1AM or is there a part of that discussion someone forgot to tell me?!? Whatever! Like I said, curfew is just the greatest excuse for parents to work in an extra spanking here and there.

That's it for today, maybe next time I'll walk you through a curfew spanking scene. That is if it would interest anyone, maybe this all boring though and nobody wants to hear about it. I guess we'll see. 


  1. I shall await the walk with interest!

  2. That was one of the Funniest posts I've read in a while!

    I remember those feelings Way back then as well, and our girls have said the same things...

    And yes, they got spanked when they broke it too.