April 14, 2009

It's Not A Secret

I know some families think spankings should be this whole private affair, occurring behind closed doors and never discussed. I don't understand that mentality myself. It's not like everyone in the house doesn't already know or isn‘t going to know. If you've ever been in a house where a spanking is taking place I'm sure you would agree.

In my family we keep it right out in the open. If someone has misbehaved and is going to get a spanking, everyone in the house knows about. In fact, you might even say that we want everyone to know. Everyone knows what you've been up to and why you deserve one so there is no good reason for them to be excluded from the execution and certainly a few reasons for them not to be. Also, let's not forget how much more effective a little humbling humiliation can make a spanking. I'm absolutely certain anyone who has suffered a spanking in front of witnesses can attest to the veracity of my claim.

When you spank in front of everyone and keep it an open topic for discussion, it's a lot harder to act like you are too old for them. Not to mention, younger family members are very good about pointing out just how recent your last spanking was and how soon the next one could be. The second you start acting like you can get away with stuff is usually about a second or two before you find yourself with a pair of red cheeks. I'd call that proof to the contrary. What about you?

Obviously, I am well aware of my nieces and nephew being spanked and they are equally aware of my own spank-ability. What might be a little bit of a surprise is that I am also well aware of my sister in law being spanked by my brother and even in times past, by my parents. For some I guess this would be weird, strange, or even unbelievable, but for me it's just how things are and how they have always been.

My sister in law is tall and fit with a nicely rounded bottom and ample bosom. You guys can stop drooling anytime, remember she is married to my brother. Anyway, seeing her spankings is always a nice treat. There are the obvious reasons for the guys but for me it's also nice to see someone older than me (although sometimes just as bad) get her panties taken down. As her bottom turns pink and then red, I get a nice sense of satisfaction knowing when it comes to bending over for a spanking, we are all equals.

I recall an incident not so long ago when I was staying with my brother and sister in law while mom and dad were out of town. I’m sure you’d all like to hear about it, so here goes;

My sister in law was in a bad mood from the moment I arrived. I felt like I was imposing a little, probably because I thought I should have been able to stay home alone, but knew why I wasn’t. The reason I wasn’t allowed, was something irresponsible I had done only about a week earlier. Keeping my head down seemed like a good idea because my brother and my sister in law were well aware of all the facts and I’m certain any trouble from me would have been dealt with directly, but this isn’t about my bottom.

It was the third night when everything came to a head. I think it was a Saturday, not that it really matters. I had set the dinner table and my nieces and I were all washed up and sitting down. In the kitchen, my brother and her were arguing. Apparently, my brother had been in a minor accident on the freeway a few days before I arrived and she was upset because he was avoiding involving insurance in the repairs to his car. I’m not quite sure what the big deal was, but it was obviously upsetting her and my brother was rather adamant on how he wanted the whole thing handled. I guess a rather mundane argument all things considered, but it took a turn for the worse when my sister in law lost her temper and threw dinner across the kitchen floor.

What followed was exactly what I think anyone should expect if they’re going to throw things like a five year old. My brother hauled her out of the kitchen and into the dining room by her ear. If the pale look on her face was any indication, she knew she was in for something more than a slap on the wrist. A stern order from my brother and she was undressing herself down to her panties and bra, right in front of everyone. Another order and she was standing in the corner, cooling her heels and probably trying to decide whether she wanted him to get on with the spanking or not.

My brother had me order pizza for delivery since our dinner had taken up residence on the kitchen floor. My nieces and I kept fairly quiet and I think we all felt a little uncomfortable because of the situation. It’s not just that she was about to be spanked, that seemed like an obvious necessity, but we had all heard the arguing and we had all witnessed her being in a horrific mood for days. What we knew and didn’t want to say at the time was that the whole incident with dinner probably could have been avoided if he’d just spanked her a few days before. She was in her own way asking for it and he just hadn’t been paying attention.

My brother went and got his big paddle, we’re talking hefty wood with holes in it. He was clearly a little angry himself as he ordered her underwear off and her bent over with hands on the coffee table in the living room. My nieces and I were told to sit down on the sofa and watch. We had a view of her already teary face and I did feel a twinge of sympathy for her, but as I said, she clearly needed and deserved what she was getting.

My brother took his time laying on swats. He raised the paddle high in the air and then waited. She would clench her teeth and probably her buttocks in expectation, but then nothing. Eventually she’d start to relax and that is when he’d swing. The pop echoed in the living room like thunder in a canyon. She’d cry out in discomfort and her feet would bounce around as she tried to absorb the pain, but her hands stayed tightly gripped to the edge of the coffee table. I have to admire her for that. I mean I’ve done the same myself and all and I know it isn’t easy.

I think he gave her about 25 swats. I could be wrong because I sure wasn’t counting. The doorbell is what brought it to an end. Our pizza had arrived. I opened the door, paid and took the pizzas in as quickly as I could, but I can imagine it must have been an eternity to my sister in law, still bent over, grabbing the edges of the coffee table in plain sight of the front door. She definitely saw the young delivery man and I’ll say he got an eye full as well.

Naturally, she stood in the corner while the rest of us ate dinner. With the spanking out of the way, conversation was more relaxed between the rest of us. It included a few embarrassing comments for my sister in law’s benefit. Things like what the delivery guy must be thinking and how she was asking for it for days with her attitude. I’m sure that conversation wasn’t easy for her to hear. I’m equally sure it made an impression and helped teach her a lesson she wasn’t soon to forget. Cleaning up her mess in the kitchen while her bottom was still ablaze and the rest of us were enjoying a movie on the TV probably helped as well.

Since that incident, I don’t think she has lost her temper quite like that again. Sure, she still gets spankings for various things she does, but that’s just life. I think she learned an important lesson about taking things too far that night and part of that was aided by my nieces and I and a very lucky pizza delivery man.


  1. Great post. I think most people would agree humiliation increases the effectiveness of spankings, however many would consider the pain of a spanking to be effective enough without adding anything extra to it. Although this may be true in some cases, it seems like leaving a job half done to me.

    I read a post the other day by someone in a strict parenting forum. The poster advocated only punishing to the absolute minimum limit necessary. Paraphrased, the opinion given was if a single hand spank over the clothed bottom is enough, anything above that should be considered abuse. The poster's comments were met with approval by other group members.

    It's that kind of thinking that will eventually leave parents with a stern warning as the only socially acceptable method left to discipline their kids. Which is very similar to the only socially acceptable method a husband has to deal with a difficult wife. Will parents then be forced to "divorce" their own kids like 50 percent of married couples do?

    It's nice to hear that there are still many people who use spanking as a primary method of discipline. Examples of how spanking can work to solve behavioral issues despite the subject's age are exactly what is missing from the minds of most people that are against it. It's simple anecdotes like the one in this blog post that may help to turn the tide of public opinion.

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. You mention that all of the family knows when someone is spanked. Do your friends know as well? Are any of them spanked?

    Also who is disciplined in your family and who isn't? Do your brothers get spanked or are only the girls spanked? You mention that your nephew is spanked. Do boys stop being spanked at a younger age? If so what age? Is your mother also spanked if she misbehaves?

  3. wow, what an amazing post!

    I get spanked by my Husband, I always have. But, while the the kids have known he was in charge, they didn't know (as far as I know), that I was spanked like they were.

    I've often wondered if I should have been spanked in front of them, like they were in front of the other girls.


  4. I am a firm believer that all female members in the family should be corporally punished, that includes, wife, mother, grandmother, niece, sister, sister-in-laws, aunts. And if the household has a maid, a female cook, or nanny, each of them deserve a good spanking. And I believe the master of the house, be it the father, son, uncle,nephew, brother, should do the spanking. And everyone should witness all these spankings, because, humiliating the naughty female is most a most important part of the proceedings.

  5. You might ask, should a son, say a 16 year-old teen-ager, spank his mother. By all means, Yes. If the mother has been naughty, why not. Should she bare her bottom to him, of course, because it exacts pure humiliation for her. What implement should he use. That depends on her naughtiness. Everything from his hand to pliable swishy cane.

    1. It may not be very common for a mother to be spanked by her son but I am and have no complaints. My son is 18 and still amenable to corporal punishment so why shouldn't I be when I step out of line? I find it very humbling bending over the table having my bottom soundly whacked by my son.

  6. Quite normal and healthy for the females watching, all younger!
    And is parents agree also older brothers or sisters can spank their younger siblings.

    Any adult girl here with such experience?