January 08, 2010


So what's it mean?

In general I think you can describe it as a punishment focused on restricting freedom as a consequence for bad behavior. Sort of like a house arrest only the government isn't usually involved. The details seem to be a little more varying and specific within a family unit.

For Example:

My friend, Teri, she gets grounded as a consequence for most things she does wrong. The duration is anything from two days to a month. Essentially, for that period of time, she can't use her phone and can't leave her bedroom for anything other than bathroom, meals, and school. Although restrictive in physical location, it's certainly not as bad as it could be. She does still have a computer, tv, ipod, books, and pretty much anything else you might want to do to entertain yourself while stuck in your bedroom. Needless to say, I don't have much sympathy for Teri when she's grounded cause life still isn't all that bad for her.

Another friend, Lisa, winds up grounded much less often because her father favors long lectures for most things. When she does push the limits a bit too far, she gets grounded for either 1 week or 2 weeks depending on how mad she made her father. In her case, being grounded consists of having her phone, tv, and computer taken away, confined to the house with the exception of school, and having to do extra chores. The chores consist of annoying work like: polishing shoes, mirrors, or faucets; scrubbing floors, bathroom tile grout, or kitchen appliances; cleaning windows, walls, doors, or cars; and a few other laborious jobs only her father can imagine. I think that's a bit worse than Teri's situation but still not really that awful, it's only a week or two.

Then there's Amber, her parents are pretty strict. She wasn't even allowed to date until she was 16 and could not drive until she was 18. When she gets grounded, which isn't often because she actually doesn't get into much trouble if you can imagine, it's always exactly 30 days. Her parents take her bedroom door away and her room is stripped of everything non-essential. I mean they even take her lipstick away, now that's cruel. She can't go anywhere except school and her mother takes her and picks her up. Her parents keep her on a strict schedule controlling her every waking moment and she isn't allowed to talk unless she is answering a question asked of her. I personally think of all the people I know, she has it the worst. I feel bad for her when she gets grounded because I think I would go mad if I had to follow those kinds of rules for a whole month, but she manages it and never complains at all.

And last, but definitely not least, is me. That's right me. I get grounded from time to time as well when my parents feel my behavior warrants something a little longer lasting than a single spanking. For me it can vary a bit as to exactly what "privileges" are taken away, which means I never know until it happens whether I'll be able to watch TV, use the internet, leave my bedroom, etcetera. The constants are: It's never less than a week, it's always accompanied by daily bare bottomed spankings in front of the family, It always has daily corner time usually before and after the spanking but sometimes just after, and I'm always given extra chores to do on a daily basis.

I think there are probably a lot more variables than those above on grounding and I've heard of somethings which make some of this sound like out right torture and other making it sound like a walk in the park. Personally, I'd rather just take the spanking or a series of them and forget the rest, but as I've heard many times, punishment is not about what I like or prefer.


  1. How hard are the daily spankings? When your mom grounded you for over a month did you get a spanking everyday? That must have been awful. I've been spanked a few days in a row and thats bad enough I cant even imagine over a month :(

  2. It is always nice to hear how things vary from family to family especially over something like grounding, which seems very simple on the surface. I doubt most people would associate removing the door to a girl's room with grounding, but it is quite fitting, especially when other privileges are taken along with it. While I haven't ever really grounded someone, I do have a fairly good idea of how I'd do it if the situation presented itself. I've heard of a lot of different variations on grounding from different people and the subject never ceases to interest me.

  3. Hi!I do like your blog.I'm 20 and live across the big pond ie in UK.I'in University and live at home to save money and because I like being at home! However it has its drawbacks-getting spanked and the cane! I do get detention ,as Mum calls grouding, but only for a weekend.Another girl who is my close friend gets the same ,as punishment and her younger sister earns a fortune taking messages back and for between us!The difference is she does not even get spanked!
    My detention starts when I get home on Friday afternoon!After dinner I have a long lecture from Mum and she tells me if I am going to get the cane on Saturday.Dad is banished to his golf club after lunch!Occasionally my aunt and gran appear, to support Mum!About 2pm I go down to lounge and I am lectured again then I have to bend over a chair and my pyjama trousers are removed! I then get the caning which she does not hurry -usually 12 quite hard strokes!I do sometimes cry after a few,and certainly vocalise loudly. Then its 20 mins corner time ,with my well marked burning bum on view! I have to concede I always get what I deserve and its nice to 'make up' later on! Jen.

  4. Andrea, your Blog is facinating and your style leaves me impatient to know what is in the following paragraphs!I am 20 live at home with my parents and work in their good size business.Despite this they are quite strict and I get punished if they consider it deserved!Sometimes it is just a spanking with a paddle or a switching which Mum much prefers to give me! for major transgressions Iget grounded for up to a week! How do they do that when I work for them-easy! I have to stay my room apart from breakfast then have to do an hour of chores supervised by Gran! Then its back to my room -no mobile no TV but a computer! I then have to do work for the business on the computer for 2 or 3 hours! Not too bad but the start of grouding means a really hard switching from Mum in front of family Members and with corner time before and aftr with my bare bottom visible for all to see! I get the paddle at least once during the grounding then another switching on the last day!I go tomy room after that swithing and latr Mum comes up with a mug of coffee and sits by me and talks to me and tells me they still love me and wish they did not have to punish me! So all is back to normal! Maddy

  5. I agree that grounding is quite a strict response and a real pain ,to breaking rules laid down by the boss lady of my house ,ie Mom! But at 19 and in work she has had to come up with a method of applying it to me.So she uses the weekends and some evenings. Ofcourse she does not ignore the need for spanking me and this is given on each Saturday evening in front of the family if they want to see the action, for however many weekends I'm in detention!! Spanking is with a small paddle or slipper and sometimes she will cut a switch and that really is the worst.I can hardly keep still during a switching ! I really forward to the time when I can move out into a place of my own! Mandy

  6. I just cant imagine daily spankings for the whole grounding if it lasts more than 3-4 days. I never get grounded but spanked a lot (at least once a week) at 12. I need at least 2 days to get better a bit - I would not be able to take an other one before. The spankings that I get can be harsher than yours, it is bare legs and butt, 40-60 belt or 20-25 cane strokes.

  7. I cannot believe you're in college
    and are still receiving bare bottomed
    spankings...Then again, I'm sure you're
    deserving of them.

    Keep smiling!
    `x~Abe's Heart.

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